Do you get anxious when you visit the dentist’s office? Do even simple procedures like teeth cleanings make you nervous? Our dental office has a solution. Ask Dr. Gerald Hansen and Dr. Austin Braun about sedation dentistry in Reno, Nevada. For patients who avoid dentists because of their fears, sedation dentistry may take away their anxiety. Our dentist can use sedation for any dental treatment, even a simple teeth cleaning. Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, uses medication to help patients relax while in the dental chair.

The different levels of sedation are:

  • Minimal sedation, where you are awake, but relaxed
  • Moderate sedation, during which you may slur words when you speak and you may not remember the procedure well
  • Deep sedation, during which you are on the edge of consciousness
  • General anesthesia, when you are unconscious

There are different types of medications that are administered in various ways to achieve sedation. During inhaled minimal sedation, you breathe nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, through a mask placed over your nose. Oral sedation is administered via a pill. The sedation level depends on the dosage given. Moderate sedation is put into a vein through an IV. During general anesthesia, you are given medications that will make you totally unconscious during the dental procedure.

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