Do you or your child play sports? Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? To protect your teeth from injury, Dr. Gerald Hansen may recommend a mouth guard in Reno, Nevada. A mouth guard is a covering worn over the teeth. Our dentist will take impressions of your smile. Your mouth guard is molded over the impression using a special material. Because mouth guards provided by our dentist are custom made, they provide the best comfort and protection.

Children and adults who play contact sports like football and hockey should wear a mouth guard. This is to protect your teeth, lips, and tongue from injury due to accidents. Without a mouth guard, an injury to the face during sports can result in chipped or broken teeth, or even tooth loss.

Teeth grinding or clenching on a regular basis can damage your teeth. Teeth can become fractured, loosened, or worn down. Tooth loss may even occur. Besides that, painful TMJ disorders may occur. Because tooth grinding usually occurs during sleep, you may not realize you do it. If experience a dull, constant headache or a sore jaw, our dentist may recommend a mouth guard.

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