When you come in for your next teeth cleaning assignment, Dr. Gerald Hansen and Dr. Austin Braun may decide to take an X-ray in Reno, Nevada. Our dentist may also decide to take X-rays if you are having an extensive dental procedure performed. Dental X-rays help our dentist detect and diagnose dental issues like decay and disease. X-rays give our doctors a more thorough look at your smile than a visual dental exam can provide.

Our dental office uses all-digital X-rays, also known as digital imaging. Unlike traditional X-rays, the images are sent to a computer screen within seconds. Digital X-rays use less radiation than traditional X-rays. The image can be enlarged and enhanced, making it easier for our dentist to diagnose dental issues and to show you the problem. When necessary, our dentist can send images to another dentist or specialist electronically.

Our panoramic X-rays show all of the teeth in your upper and lower jaw in one X-ray. This helps Dr. Hansen and Dr. Braun see emerging teeth and impacted teeth. Our 3D imaging X-ray is ideal for planning oral surgery procedures.

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